Pop Goes the Easel

Pop Goes the Easel

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Pop Goes the Easel Parramatta...our opening exhibition "Connectivity" went really well. Please see the gallery for pic's from the day.

NudeScapes, an exploration into the diversity of the Landscape and the beauty of the Nude.” The exhibition showcased all aspects and interpretations of a Landscape and the Nude form….together, apart, in many artistic mediums, from painting to photography (and everything in between).

NudeScapes The Opening night on February 8th went extremely well....special thanks to Calandra the wonderfully talented singer and uke player who played some tunes for us and to Councillor Lorraine Wearne for opening the night, which was fitting as Lorraine had opened the gallery back in July last year!

 Anyway come along to the gallery and enjoy our last collection of new and original Artworks.

Artists exhibiting in NudeScapes are - Manjari Balalle, Julieanne Bartolo, Rita Beale, Yuki Blackford, Chi Lik Cheung, Nina Chernyak, Gareth Cowley, Geoff Dale, Barbara Enright, Elaine Foulsham, Angela Gill, Vanessa Gilmore Kerr, Lyndsey Hatchwell, Elene Hoffman, Katherine Kennedy, Stephen Kernohan, Leonarda Kovacic, Eranda Kumarapperuma, Atula Kademulla, Gauri Torgalkar Naldkarni, Candice Mizzi, Rob Notora, Nam Nguyen, Heather Ogle, Jennifer O'Young, Srabon, Sheila Sharp, David Slade, Goretti Yeung. 

"Water Conservationists" by Angela Gill

Festivus for the rest of us - well actually all of us. And it was.....Fab night was had by all. The aircon had some issues, but it was 38 degrees!!! Anyway more works were sold, much wine and food was consumed and all in all a very successful night.UR MOST SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITION SO FAR ONLY 4 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!! O

Artists exhibiting in "festivus" - Edgar Alvarez, Manjari Balalle, Peter Barclay, Louise Bundey, Melissa Basu, Yuki Blackford, John Chapman, Wez Champion, Nina Chernyak, Chidzey, Simon Clarke, Sadhanna Desai, Dan Doan, Elaine Foulsham, Angela Gill, Vanessa Gilmore Kerr, Claudia Greathead, Lyndsey Hatchwell, Elizabeth Harriott, Glenda Hoy, Katherine Kennedy, Leonarda Kovacic, Eranda Kumarapperuma, Teresa Kulanayagam, Rob Notora, Teresa Myat Berg, Heather Ogle, Jennifer O'Young, Gavin Pilli, Lee Anne Plasto, Elizabeth Sietsma, Rona Sissons, Merryn Spencer, David Slade, Gail Veness, Marianne Vidal Potts, Susan Wang, Jenny Wiggans, Trish Yates.

Parking - There is ample parking in Epping in the council carpark off of Rawson Street. Map at bottom of page shows Coles Supermarket next to the carpark. Cross Rawson Street at the crossing and then go up the laneway near the Epping Hotel...turn left and we are a few shops along LOOK FOR THE RED DOOR.

Train - We are also directly across from Epping Station

Buses - Ample buses stop in Epping - some outside our door.


19/10/2012 - 16/11/2012 

Well "farrago" is over and done. It was a fun exhibition, very eclectic and popular. Plenty of works sold and we are very happy with the way the gallery scrubbed up!!...A big thank you to the talented artists who exhibited and those who came and enjoyed the works.

Called "farrago" /fuh-rah-goh/ noun a medley or hotchpotch...........

A big thanks too to the aptly named Wez Champion...for the fantastic opening "speech" - well puppetry, we enjoyed Sir Block Holmes very much!

Artist who exhibited in "farrago" are - Adriana Abi-Rizk, Jeremy Abraham, Manjari Balalle, Julieanne Bartolo, Teresa Myat Berg, Virginia Bucknell, Brooke Carlson, Wez Champion, Chidzey, Paul Clarence, Byron Comninos, Gareth Cowley, Geoff Dale, Ashleigh Garwood, Vanessa Gilmore-Kerr, Chris Haldane, Elizabeth Harriott, Lyndsey Hatchwell, John Hurst, Ainslie Ivin-Smith, Katherine Kennedy, S. Khan, Jessica Lahoud, Barbara May, Linda McGowan, Candice Mizzi, Margaret Ng, Jemma O'Regan, Jennifer O'Young, Carolyn Pettigrew, Prue Platt-Hepworth, Jedediah Price, Annette Simpson, Trish Yates.

Well that's it for "Images In Ink"....all in all a great exhibition and we are sure that the artworks that sold will look fab in their new homes.

The exhibition opened on the 14th September 2012. We had a fabulous night, great artworks and fantastic guest speakers - Akky van Ogtrop (Art historian/Curator, Valuer Australia Governments’ Cultural Gift Program, President Print Council of Australia) and Lisa Andersen (Manager, Empty Spaces Project, Community Engagement Coordinator, UTS Shopfront Community Program, Senior Researcher, CAMRA cultural mapping Research Project, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

Artists that exhibited in "Images In Ink" are, Adriana Abi-Rizk, Jeremy Abraham, Rod Armstrong, Melissa Basu, Lorraine le Blang, Julieanne Baitolo, Bethany Cesaro, Cathy Clapham, Simon Clarke, Carol Evans, Sonia Gallart, Janet Gilmore, Vanessa Gilmore Kerr, Sharyn Goodwin, Ann Theresa Gregory, Lyndsey Hatchwell, Sylvia Hee Ju Kang, Katherine Kennedy, Nawal Khatwoda, Jessica Lahoud, Wendy Lowe, Mari Manoukian, Bron Newman, Tim Newman, Jennifer O'Young, Elise Pike, Melissa Polynkova, Sheila Sharp, Annette Simpson, Jenny Smith, Terri Tang, Keenan Thornton, Marianne Vidal Potts, Nicole Vijoen, Dennis White, Trish Yates and Shiou-An Zou 

Ceramicist Rona Sisson________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 "Diversity Expressions In Art". Featuring an eclectic mix of multi-media works from emerging and established artists was a fantastic success for such a new space! Lots of happy artists, great feedback from the public and excited customers taking their purchased artworks home:) 

Please feel free to have a look in our photo gallery for pics of the opening night - Saturday 4th August 2012

If you would like to be on our mailing list for future exhibitions, either as an art lover or an artist (or both!) please send us a line via the contact us page and we will add you on.


The first exhibition held at Pop Goes the Easel was.....


Opening on the 20th of July 2012 the exhibition by 12 emerging artists from Sydney Gallery School looked fantastic in the gallery. Please go to the photo gallery to see images from the evening.